Listen to music with headphones? You need this.

I am an avid music fan.  I listen to a lot of music often with headphones.  Early on when I first got an iPod I bought a good pair of headphones.  The iPod/IPhone etc sound good but not GREAT.  The solution?  Add an outboard amplifier and a line out cable.  The amplifier is key to drive good headphones so that they develop good bass and create a believable soundstage.  I found the amp reviewed below and can say it really makes a big difference.  You dont need to spend a lot to get real hifi.  But you need to make the effort.

The review link I am posting is about the JDSLabs CMoyBB amp.  The CMoy is kind of a public domain design and JDS labs takes it to the max.  The article really does a good job of explaining the tech and the sound experiences.  Give a read and make the jump.

For the price of a dinner you can get truly great hifi from your music.

Review of the JDS Labs CMoyBB

Here is a compassion of headphone amps including the Cmoy which is the one I bought.

After reading these you will know more then you ever wanted.

But dont waste your money unless you have a good pair of headphones to use with them.  A favorite of mine are Grados.  Sounds great and not expensive.



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Best iPad Stock Market App. Really a Game Changer for Market Insight. StockTouch

I am a novice investor.  I say novice not because I am investing small amounts of money but because I invest on the most basic of information and knowledge.  But even with this basic knowledge I knew I needed something that without hours of research could show me the movers and shakers of industries and stocks.  I also wanted to be able to do this research on my iPad because I do my best thinking when I am in a comfortable place and the iPad is the device that allows me to work in my living room.

After sorting through app after app on Apple’s App Store I can upon an app called Stock Touch.  At first glance Stock Touch looked startling different then any app I had seen before.  At first I thought it was a game.  It is a very graphic app that in 1 screen can show you the winners and losers of of industries and stocks within those industries.  A tap of an industry brings it into focus and a tap of any stock gives you detailed information on that particular stock.  You also can quickly see by color what industries and stocks are up or down.  This is done in a glance.  You can rearrange the view by gain/loss, capitalization, performance against the S+P 500, alpha sorts and other.  This is the quickest, most graphical way I could imagine presenting the current finacial market.  It is a game changer in my opinion.

The app is universal too meaning the same app works for the iPad and iPhone.  The app if I recall is $4.99 which is a bargain.

This is also a case where 1 picture equals a 1000 words.  So you can learn more on the Apple App Store or head over to  Also here is a You Tube video showing how it works   I assure you it will be worth your time.

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Fabulous and free iPad news and magazine apps you should get today.

I love consuming content on my iPad. One of my favorite apps is Flipboard.

Flipboard takes your RSS feeds and turns them into a very inviting magazine. If you are an RSS reader you know how dry RSS feeds can be. Flipboard does an amazing job of transforming these dry feeds into a beautiful and inviting experience. This in my view is one of the most transformational applications for the iPad. And best of all it is free.

The newest app I just learned about today is Zite. This is an app that allows you to create your own personalized magazine. You can use RSS. Feeds but more then that will provide a great source of content for you to choose. It ways it is like Flipboard. But since it gathers from sources other then RSS it is more flowing. It is the ying to Flipboard,s yang. Check it out. Oh and it is free too.

Pulse is probably one of the most widely know news readers. It is cross platform where as Zite and Flipboard are iOS only. It is very functional and fast but not nearly as nice as the other 2. It also works on the iPhone too. Definitely better suited for small screens. A must have and it is free as well.

Ill end this post with my final great freebie. Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon is a terrific way to find new web sites that meet your interests. You “like” or “dislike” sites as it learns your preferences. It is a great way to kill some time while discovering some web gems.

All 4 of these wonderful freebies are reason enough to own an iPad in my opinion. And the fact they are free is amazing. My thanks to the publishers of Flipboard, Zite, Pulse and Stumble Upon.

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Hello world!

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